will digital marketing die?

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Digital marketing is the medium of marketing through online modes such as websites, online advertisements on social media, and other modes.

Digital marketing has created hype in the marketing field because of its various advantages like its affordability, flexibility, provides high ROI, letting you communicate with potential customers, and helping you track your campaigns.

With time digital marketing has taken over traditional marketing and has helped various businesses grow through planned tactics and campaigns.

Will the digital marketing trend die?

Currently, digital marketing is on its hype and majorly all businesses have realized the importance of digital marketing after the covid pandemic and have shifted to it. Digital marketing cannot die in the upcoming years for sure. with the increase of technology and mobile users, the scope of digital marketing also increases.

No matter how you see it, whether it is for b2b or b2c business, digital marketing is an essential part of today’s date.

As digital marketing is a part of marketing it cannot be taken by artificial intelligence because marketing is rooted in human psychology and can only be understood by the human brain. Artificial intelligence or any kind of tool cannot perform the same level of marketing campaigns as humans.

Probably all the businesses have shifted to digital marketing and in the future, no business would be able to survive without it.

Digital marketing is flexible and different tactics, relevant to the type of business can be used to get results. Digital marketing can be used in all sectors including food, retail, fashion and design, healthcare, automobile, etc.

Now as you know what digital marketing can do, you may be sure that digital marketing has a great future ahead and will be in demand for the next few years.


Digital marketing is for sure not going anywhere for the upcoming years and would be in really high demand. Companies and business owners have realized the importance of digital marketing especially after the pandemic and most businesses have already shifted to it. Digital marketing would be a compulsory part of a business to survive.

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