what is digital marketing?

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DM is the use of digital platforms such as websites, social media, and other such platforms to promote services and products.

it is also called online marketing, which includes online paid campaigns on websites, social media, email, etc.

Digital marketing also contains various niches such as SEO, SEM (search engine marketing), PPC (pay per click), SEM (social media marketing), Email marketing, marketing automation, and affiliate marketing.

before getting into deep digital marketing you should know about the fundamentals and law of marketing

Benefits of DM

  1. Affordability

DM is comparably less expensive than other marketing methods and the expense can be used on a targeted audience rather than advertising to an untargeted audience. (Like newspaper ads and ads shown on TV)

  • Flexibility

There are various forms of digital marketing methods that can be performed depending on the type of campaign. These can be in the form of display ads, email marketing campaigns, google ads social media posts, content marketing, and many more. By learning how to use these methods creatively you can market yourself creatively and grow your product or service.

  • Tracking

DM lets you track that how your campaigns are performing in the market and accordingly helps you make changes and make your campaigns more effective

  • Communication

DM helps you communicate with your customers and lets you know their problems and feedbacks which helps you improve your service and product. These can be your website comments or comments on your social media posts, which also make your customers feel a part of the community.

  • Mobile access

You may not know the fact that the number of smartphone users worldwide is 2.7 billion and they use most of the time on their phones watching the news, scrolling through social media, and doing various activities. Digital marketing helps you reach them while they doing such stuff.

Digital marketing over traditional marketing

In the past few years, digital marketing has taken over traditional marketing because of its countless benefits. Some of them are:

  1. Huge ROI (return on investment)

The happiest part of a business is the return which a company makes after investing in marketing campaigns and digital marketing plays a huge role in it. Marketing campaigns such as social media ads or email marketing cost very low compared to traditional marketing but give high ROI.

  • Targeting

A few traditional marketing companies run their campaigns in the hope that it would interest some people who like it, but digital marketing campaigns are made with specific targeted related to the interest, demographics, gender, and many other tactics so that the ads can be shown only to the relevant people.

  • Easy to measure

In traditional marketing methods, you have to wait for a month or more to see the results that are in the form of the customer but, digital marketing allows you to measure the results fast and accurate, ( for example: with email marketing tools and software you can measure that how many emails were sent, how many were read and how many conversions were made).

  • Adjustment

In traditional marketing, if your ads are not working you cannot do anything about it but in digital marketing, you can perform A/B tests and accordingly run your ads.

  • Cost

Marketing is the biggest nightmare for any company as they see it as an expense rather than an investment but marketing via digital marketing makes it much cheaper compared to traditional marketing.

disadvantages of DM

  1. High competition

DM is becoming highly competitive with its growth, to make a profit your campaigns need to be more attractive, eye-catching, should stand out, and create an impact on the audience.

  • Based on technology

Digital marketing as you know is based on technology which is a major drawback as sometimes error occurs on the internet so it may ruin your campaigns. For example: sometimes your landing page does not load, many links may not work, and other things do not work properly.

  • Time consuming

Unlike traditional where you put your ad ones and forget about it, digital marketing cannot be performed without consuming a lot of time. You will have to rerevise all the tactics and strategies to get good results.

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